Artikel: It’s Been 20 Years Since France Minted That First Euro Coin


On May 11, 1998, at a formal ceremony, Economy Minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn activated the mint printing press and produced its first euro coin, making France the first of 11 nations participating in the launch of the single currency to strike the money. Taking a bite out of the coin, Strauss-Kahan declared that it’s “the real thing, it’s no copy.”

At the time, the Monnaie de Paris was scheduled to mint 7.6 billion coins, or four times the weight of the Eiffel Tower, and eight different coinage denominations with a value between 0.01 and two euros. The coins maintained one national side and one European side.

Proponents scoffed at the naysayers, declaring that it would stimulate the economy and spur industrial growth that can rival that of the U.S. and Japan…lees verder

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