Event: Symposium over Islamisme met Cliteur, Ellian en Lukkassen do 22 februari in Leiden

Universiteit Leiden

Donderdag 22 februari 13:00 – 17:00


Link naar event


On Thursday February 21, 2019 the department of Jurisprudence of Leiden University organizes an afternoon symposium (official language is English) dedicated to the work of Prof. dr. Bassam Tibi. At the centre will be his work, including the Dutch translation of his book Islamisme en islam (De Blauwe Tijger, 2019).

During the afternoon staff, PhD students and master students will give short pitches (10 minutes) about a certain aspect of his work, such as European Leitkultur, criticism of radical Islam, defense of European Islam, criticism of Islam, defense of the European human rights acquis and other elements.

Prof. Bassam Tibi, Prof. Paul Cliteur, Prof. Afshin Ellian, Drs. Simon Admiraal, Dr. David Suurland, Mirjam Heldmann MA and Dr. Sid Lukkassen will speak during this symposium.

At the end of the day the Dutch translation of ‘Islamism enIslam’ will be presented by publisher Tom Zwitser.

Admission to this symposium is free, but registration is required. You can register via encyclopedie@law.leidenuniv.nl, please state ‘Bassam Tibi symposium’.

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