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Artikel: How the Left keeps sabotaging actual debate by using three tactics

Eva Vlaardingerbroek / The Old Continent

A short while ago I made an appearance in a Dutch newspaper article by journalist Wierd Duk about Cultural Marxism. The point of this text will not be to give an in-depth contemplation on the subject of Cultural Marxism, but instead to describe some of the reactions that were given to the article and my contribution in particular, that I think very accurately show some of the problems Western-European societies are facing when debating sensitive subjects.

I will give you some context to understand what happened exactly. Last week the Dutch essay bundle “Cultural Marxism: A spectre is haunting The West’’ written by professor Paul Cliteur and others, appeared in Dutch bookstores. Roughly, it covers the phenomenon of “Left-winged” dictation of thought through education, media, cultural institutions and politics.

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Artikel: A fresh common sense view on European culture

Eva Vlaardingerbroek / The Old Continent

Hearing a 100-strong choir sing ‘’Alle Menschen werden Brüder’ at the top of their lungs, it is hard not to feel moved. Almost everyone will recognize this part of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, nowadays known by most as the anthem of the European Union. An excellent choice if you think about it: a great piece of music from one of our greatest composers, embodying the great ideals of a united Europe, or so we hoped. Instead, in the last decade Europe has been facing quite a few problems. To name a few: the Greek financial crisis, the refugee crisis, Islamic terrorist attacks, mass-immigration, a growing cultural schism between West and Eastern Europe and even Australia was allowed to participate in the Eurovision Songfestival, for heaven’s sake!…lees verder