Artikel: zorgen podcasts voor een nieuwe “Drukpers revolutie”?

Louis O’Neill / Independent Australia

Shifts in the way consumers access media means podcasting is becoming an increasingly popular information source, writes Louis O’Neill.

RECENTLY, THERE HAS been a rise in the popularity of controversial Intellectual Dark Web — a name given to a motley crew of online political commentators who find themselves at odds with the mainstream media.

The term Intellectual Dark Web was invented by Eric Weinstein – economist, writer and director of Thiel Capital – who designed the name for those who had been shunned from university campuses or maligned by the mainstream media. The term encapsulates a wide net of public online intellectuals, with Dave Rubin on one hand – a self-defined gay, classical liberal – while Ben Shapiro, on the other hand, is a vocal Jewish conservative. Then there’s Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson, who initially seem similar, but, when the two joined for a podcast, they found themselves in an argument over the definition of truth for almost two hours. And lastly, Joe Rogan: martial artist, hunter, and UFC commentator.

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