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Artikel: Alien life may be rare in our galaxy today

Nola Taylor Redd / Space.com

The hunt for E.T. may have gotten more difficult. New research suggests that alien life may not be as widespread as we had hoped.

When it comes to hunting for alien civilizations, a key question is how plentiful intelligent extraterrestrials are in the universe — but the answer to that question depends on a lot of knowledge scientists don’t have yet.

In 1960, Frank Drake, an astronomer and hunter of extraterrestrial intelligence, devised an equation to calculate the probability of hearing from an intelligent, communicating alien civilization. The Drake equation relies on the values of several constants to determine how widespread such civilizations might be, how likely they are to evolve and how likely they are to have broadcast when we were able to detect. While some of the numbers, such as how many stars have planets around them, are fairly well-known, others, such as the fraction of those worlds with life, remain uncertain. [The Father of SETI: Q&A with Astronomer Frank Drake]

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